Intrecere pe plaja de umplut galetusele cu apa

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Race on the beach filled with water galetusele

Prepare two buckets of equal size. Children will be divided into two teams. Each will have to fill pail with seawater taken

Relay ball

Game suitable for beach. Children are divided into two teams and each participant goes leaning on elbows and knees on a long route d

Podul de piatra

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Podul de piatra

Minimum 5 jucători de la 3 ani in sus. Jocul dezvolta atentia, urechea muzicala. Se joaca pe cantecelul: “Podul de piatra s-a daramat/A venit

Moving pins

Copiii se impart in echipe de cate 4-7 players. La unul din capetele terenului (salii de sport) se marcheaza cate doua cercuri cu diametrul de

Treci peste rau

Joc ideal de jucat la ora de sport cu intreaga clasa, pentru exersarea sariturilor. Se amenajeaza sala de sport reprezentand un rau prin doua

Jocuri motrice inspirate din baschet

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Jocuri motrice inspirate din baschet

Dezvoltarea capacitatii motrice: Copiii sa-si cunoasca corpul, partile lui si miscarile pe care le pot executa cu fiecare parte (din stand, di


Macao is a card game from Baccarat. Este o varianta a Crazy Eights ( Eights or known as Swedish Rummy). Two or more jucato


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Covers is a card game that can be played either with a package 52 books, or if more players can play 2 packet 52.


Trombone ('I doubt it') is a very popular card game in which players develop their attention, ability to conceal, knowing people

Put back matches

Use some boxes of matches and some mittens. It rastoarna pe cu cutie mass or chibrituri. Each game participant receives