Macao is a card game from Baccarat. Este o varianta a Crazy Eights ( Eights or known as Swedish Rummy). Two or more jucato


Covers is a card game that can be played either with a package 52 books, or if more players can play 2 packet 52.


Trombone ('I doubt it') is a very popular card game in which players develop their attention, ability to conceal, knowing people

Put back matches

Use some boxes of matches and some mittens. It rastoarna pe cu cutie mass or chibrituri. Each game participant receives

Sarpele in tunel

Children are divided into teams of equal size. Put in column, each one, with a range of arm's length in depth. Children staying with little

The ring

Children are organized in teams of each 10-15, sitting one behind the other. In front of each team will find below, ground, cate un “inel


Each team consists of 10-15 children is available, on each dish, an equal number of beans, each 2 sticks and know

Jump ball , pollen

Players form a large circle, facing inwards. Between them is a distance of two lengths of arms. In the middle circle, teacher you in m

…has wings!

One player is designated leader, and other children must move his arms like wings as, depending on who utters leader. For example,

Moving pins

They form teams of 4-7 membership. Trace in the sand by two circles each team, and in one of them shall be made 4 bowling (or stones) it